#2. Urban Missions as International Missions to Unreached People

Chris Clayman shares insights about cities being strategic platforms for international missions to unengaged and unreached people groups who have migrated to urban areas.

Chris Clayman went from Austin, Texas to England and Mali in order to get to the mission field in New York City.

Episode Summary:

Chris Clayman, Associate Director and Co-Founder of Global Gates, talks about how God cultivated his call to missions and how time in England and Mali allowed him to see new opportunities for missions among unengaged and/ or unreached people groups in New York City.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Topics Discussed:

  • How God cultivated Chris’ call to missions in New York City
  • The importance of community in an individual’s receptiveness to the Gospel
  • 86% of the world’s Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus do not know a single Christian
  • The experiences of one of the first Wassoulou believers from Mali
  • Immigrants as cultural shapers and influencers of society back home
  • The strategic role that near-culture Christian immigrants have in sharing the Gospel with unreached peoples
  • The landscape of unreached people groups in the New York Metro Area
  • Global migration and technology as our modern “Roman Road” to spread the Gospel in this age
  • The vision in founding Global Gates
  • Why is urban ministry important?
  • Cities attract least reached peoples and immigrant Christians
  • Urban areas are strategic platforms for spreading the Gospel among immigrants who remain connected to unreached peoples from all over the world
  • Globalization and the reshaping of identity is largely happening in cities and it can happen for the sake of the Gospel
  • A joke that is not lost in translation
  • Role of pioneer missions

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