#75. Unity Across Denominations, Punjabi Christians Sing Psalms

Dr. Yousaf Sadiq shares the uniqueness of the Punjabi Psalms — a successful example of contextualizing scripture for a culture with strong oral traditions. Collectively known as Zabur, these songs are an interdenominational source of strength. They unify Punjabi Christians who are often persecuted as a religious minority in Pakistan.

Dr. Sadiq has a new book, The Contextualized Psalms (Punjabi Zabur): A Precious Heritage of the Global Punjabi Christian Community.


  • Why the Punjabi Psalter was well received after the Urdu Psalter was not
  • A South Asian perspective on Jesus meeting the woman at the well
  • What the global church can learn about worship from the Punjabi Psalter


Dr. Yousaf Sadiq earned his doctorate from the London School of Theology, UK. He is the author of a pioneer work that comprehensively encompasses the cultural, socio-historical, missional, and sociolinguistic aspects of the Punjabi Psalter. Dr. Sadiq teaches at Wheaton College in Illinois, and enjoys watching cricket.


Psalm 34: 8; Taste and see that the LORD is good



00:34 – Introducing Dr. Yousaf Sadiq

02:44 – Extended Family across Nations

04:58 – Inspiration for Studying the Psalms in Punjabi

06:49 – What Does ‘Zabur’ Have to Do with the Psalms?

07:56 – Connecting the Psalms to Punjabi Culture — Oral Traditions and Embracing the Psalms

11:22 – The Uniqueness of the Punjabi Psalter

14:31 – Indigenous Melodies and Local Worship

19:53 – All Punjabi Christians are United in Song

21:19 – Psalms in Church Liturgy and Community Gathering

26:16 – The Imprecatory Psalms amid Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

30:58 – Do the Imprecatory Psalms Have a Place in Christ’s Church?

35:22 – The Psalms as a Bridge to the Muslim Community

41:00 – Contextualizing the Psalms or the Epistles in Poetic Form?

43:38 – Recognizing the Gospel and Connecting with People

47:40 – The Significance of the Original Languages of Scripture

55:50 – Jesus and the Woman at the Well — a South Asian Perspective

62:26 – Processing Grief and Suffering with the Psalms

64:47 – The Psalms as Encouragement for the Global Church

70:27 – Contacting Dr. Yousaf Sadiq

71:38 – The Train Joke


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