#31. The Men We Need—Adulting, Gardening, and Defending Against Intruders

Brant Hansen compares toxic masculinity to what it actually means to follow Jesus.

Moving from generational trauma to generational hope, he shares his discoveries about mentoring, fatherhood, and adulting as a man in today’s culture.

How can a man defend his family against harmful intruders and cultivate a life where the people around him can thrive?

What You’ll Learn:

  • The value of a man having a vision for his life
  • What it means to tend God’s Garden in today’s world
  • About the impact of one-month-mentorships

About the Guest: 

Brant Hansen is a nationally syndicated radio host, bestselling author and podcaster. With his co-host, he’s regularly heard on the podcast: The Brant and Sherri Oddcast. It has been downloaded over 10 million times.

The Men We Need is his most recent book. His other books include: Unoffendable, Blessed Are the Misfits and The Truth About Us.

Since 2014, he’s served as CURE International’s Advocate/Radio Presenter. Long before joining the organization in an official capacity, he was a supporter for the its work. “CURE International operates a global network of eight children’s hospitals that provide life-changing surgical care and intentional spiritual care for children living with disabilities.”

Brant lives in South Florida with his wife, Carolyn. They have been married for over 30 years, have two adult children and have just welcomed their first grandchild.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Genesis 2: 15; Tending the Garden

Genesis 1: 26-27; God Made Them Male and Female

Links Related to Episode:

The Men We Need: God’s Purpose for the Manly Man, the Avid Indoorsman, or Any Man Willing to Show Up by Brant Hansen

Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle, Recommended Book

Brant Hansen, Author

Brant & Sherri Oddcast


Email: Brant Hansen

Timestamped Show Notes:

01:26 – Topic: Reimagining BIblical Manhood

02:12 – The Joys of Fatherhood and Family

03:51 – Advice for a Season with Small Children

05:49 – What’s a Man’s Job?

06:52 – Men Getting Unstuck

07:44 – God Made Them Male and Female

08:51 – For Any Man Willing to Show Up

10:26 – Hope for Ending Dysfunctional Generational Cycles

12:27 – For Men Struggling with Pornography

12:46 – Recomended Reading: Surfing for God

13:20 – Pornograhpy and the Lure of Fake Things

14:09 – Encouragement for Men Who Give Up Pornography

15:28 – Making a Difference Where You Are

17:26 – How to Get Started Hosting a One-Month-Mentorship

20:11 – The Keeper of the Garden

21:55 – Protecting Your Family from a Harmful Intruder

23:22 – Contacting Brant Hansen

24:54 – Brant’s Joke Telling Masterclass

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