#73. The Gospel and the LGBTQ+ Community—Going Beyond Theological Debates

Elizabeth Black is the co-founder of Kaleidoscope, a ministry dedicated to “Providing LGBTQ+ people opportunities to engage with tangible expressions of Christ” and joining the Spirit of God where He is already at work among LGBTQ+ folks in NYC. She shares some surprises and challenges in reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community, contextualizing the gospel message and the vital role of the local church.

21% of Gen Z adults (aged 18-26) self-identify as not being heterosexual; and NYC has the largest population of LGBTQ+ folks in the country, many of whom move to metropolitan areas as a sanctuary.


  • Five things that may surprise many Christians about the gospel and the LGBTQ+ community
  • About the four major theological approaches to LGBTQ+ folks
  • Differences between theological debates and actually engaging people with Christ’s love



Elizabeth Black has served as an evangelist and minister in New York City for almost 10 years. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she attended Washington Bible College for undergraduate studies. Elizabeth has a heart for New York City, and she loves sharing Jesus with those in the LGBTQ, Jewish, and African-American populations – and beyond. She is currently working on her Master of Theology in contextual theology at All Nations, a missions college in the UK. Elizabeth loves to cook, entertain, watch documentaries, and read about culture. Last but not least, she is a proud wife and the mother of two young boys.




00:40 – Topic: Bringing Jesus to the LGBTQ+ Community

02:03 – Who Is Elizabeth Black?

03:19 – Elizabeth Black’s Multiethnic Family

05:20 – What is the Kaleidoscope Ministry?

05:47 – From Jewish Missions and Evangelism

06:32 – People Kept Asking Questions about Sexuality and Sexual Identity

07:37 – Gospel Contextualization and the LGBTQ+ Community

08:47 – Academic Theology vs Everyday Engagement with the Gospel

09:15 – Same Theology Different Context

11:12 – Five Things that Might Surprise the Average Christian about Ministry in the LGBTQ Community

11:23 – 1. LGBTQ Community as a People Group

11:40 – 2. Not Just the Individual but a Culture

11:47 – 3. Not Just about Sexual Behavior

12:20 – 4. Breaking Stereotypes about People in LGBTQ+ Community

13:30 – 5. Openness to the Gospel within LGBTQ+ Community

14:53 – Four Major Theological Ideologies regarding the LGBTQ Community

15:17 – Side A

16:37 – Side B and Kaleidoscope

18:42 – Side Y

19:32 – Side X

20:19 – Leading with the Gospel

21:22 – Engaging beyond the Church Walls

23:26 – Working from a Deficit, Ministry and LGBTQ Folks

27:14 – Responses from within the LGBTQ Community

28:29 – Jesus Loves You Too

30:25 – What Happens in Kaleidoscope Bible Studies?

32:54 – Missions, Speaking the Language and Preferred Pronouns

34:51 – Meeting People where They Are & Pride Events

39:08 – The Vital Role of a Local Churches

41:09 – Churches Being a Good Light for the Gospel

42:26 – Where to Start in Ministry in the LGBTQ+ Community?

43:08 – Sharing Stories and Building Relationships

44:04 – Who Did Jesus Come to Save?

45:29 – Contacting Elizabeth Black

46:10 – Who’s the Jokester in the Family?


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