#82. Rediscovering the Early Church’s Vision for Global Missions

Pastor Matt Burden on rediscovering the early church’s vision for global missions and what what today’s church can learn from that.

His new book is Missionary Motivations: Challenges from the Early Church


  • How did the New Testament churches do missions?
  • New Testament Missiology and Impact on the 21st Century Church
  • Practical Evangelism

Matthew Burden is an author, pastor, and scholar, currently serving a church in eastern Maine. His research focuses on the intersection of church history and missiology, with a focus on understanding the missional ideas that motivated previous generations of Christians. He is the author of several books, including “Missionary Motivations: Challenges from the Early Church.”


  • John 3: 16
  • Luke 10
  • Matthew 28



00:46 – The early church’s vision for global mission

01:20 – Introducing Pastor Matthew Burden

02:20 – More on Pastor Matthew Burden

03:59 – Why the Book, Missionary Motivations

08:12 – What and when was the “Early Church?”

11:43 – New Testament doesn’t give much on how to do missions

17:13 – Commanded to share the gospel

18:40 – How did the early church share the gospel?

24:22 – The most famous Bible verse

28:04 – How should we do global missions today?

34:36 – Missions and evangelism on a practical level

43:03 – Pastor Matthew Burden’s contact information

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