#67. Interfaith Relations and Loving the Community

Pastor Ramny Perez prioritizes the gospel, discipling congregants and loving the local community well. He shares how following Jesus’ example and upholding the integrity of the gospel lead to loving the community and building interfaith relationships in NYC. Ramny Perez is the Lead Pastor of Fordham Community Church in the Bronx, New York.


  • How to build interfaith relationships and not water down the gospel
  • How service and a traditional Christian witness lead to loving the local community
  • About taking the first step in community building


God has given Ramny Perez a passion to help as many as possible see the beauty of the Lord Jesus. He is married to his best friend and dear wife Dayami Perez. They have a son, Navi Perez and a daughter Scarlin Perez.

Currently, he is the lead pastor of Fordham Community Church in the Bronx. He previously served as a pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church and Led the Youth Ministry of Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana in Washington Heights. He has a BA in Literature from The City College of New York and Masters of Divinity from SBTS. He loves to read, play and watch sports and spend time with his family.


Revelation 7: 9-12; Every Nation Tribe and Tongue

Matthew 5: 13-16; Jesus Calls the Church Salt and Light

Matthew 14: 22-33; Jesus Invites Peter to Walk on Water


Fordham Community Church

Devastating Fire in the Bronx, Jan 2022


00:46 – Topic: Interfaith Bridge Building in a Diverse Community

01:26 – Family, Full Hands and Full Hearts

05:04 – Diversity, Friendships, Food and Life in NYC

07:17 – Why Does It Matter If All Ethnicities Are Involved in Missions?

10:14 – Getting the Entire Church Involved with Missions

13:49 – Why Is It Important to Have Good Interfaith Relationships in Your Community?

14:43 – Interfaith Relationships and Serving Well

16:56 – Never Watering Down the Gospel

17:45 – Partnering for the Community to Flourish

18:50 – Serving the Needs in Larger Community and Neighborhood

21:07 – Connecting for the Common Good

23:25 – Surprises in Community Building

25:31 – Three Recommendations for Pastors in Any Context

25:50 – 1. Being Clear, Gracious and Kind

26:24 – 2. Looking for Community-Minded People

27:20 – 3. Taking One Step

28:25 – Encouragement for Discouraged Pastors

30:09 – Contacting Pastor Ramny Perez

31:03 – A Dad Joke with Spice


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