#36. Echoing Hope: Holistic Education in Uganda and around the World

Will Lenzen Jr. is the founder of Echo. Beginning in Western Uganda, holistic education is making a difference one child and one family at a time through Echo.

Echo’s model is sustainable and community building. It is a simple, replicable system, based on research, local children’s needs and measured growth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Some of the practicalities of starting an international not-for-profit
  • About the impact of holistic education and removing barriers to schooling
  • The importance of understanding children’s needs in different communities

About the Guest: 

Will Lenzen Jr. is the Founder of ECHO, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to helping children in developing communities get access to holistic education.

After years of research and exploration informing the development of Echo, Will and his team started in Western Uganda. They are passionate about helping children around the world be echoes of hope in their communities.

Will graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a degree in Advertising and a minor in Japanese. He has been a product designer and writer for the last 15 years and resides in NYC.

Links Related to Episode:

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Timestamped Show Notes:

01:09 – Topic: The Importance of Education and Equipping Students with Resources to Help Them Succeed

01:49 – How Does Echo Work?

02:58 – Replicable Empowerment through Holistic Education

03:50 – Echo’s Vision

04:03 – Starting in Uganda

04:18 – Poverty!

04:44 – Meeting Ugandan Leaders and a Beta Run

05:47 – Starvation Poverty and Perspective

07:25 – Building Life Experiences that Perspective

08:15 – Holistic Educational Empowerment and Differentiating Needs of Children

09:02 – The Significance of a Toothbrush

10:28 – Barriers to Kids Finishing School

10:46 – Echo, Impacting Multiple Levels

12:39 – Intentionality

13:37 – Helping Girls Finish School in Uganda

15:30 – One Big Barrier to Education

16:04 – How Crucial Is Education

16:54 – Storytelling, Curiosity, Learning and Raising the Bar

18:20 – Makings of a Village Scribe

19:29 – Holistic Education vs State Madated Teachings

22:15 – Boxes for Kids in Different Communities

24:59 – Connect with Echo Especially if You Know a Community that Echo Can Help

26:13 – Anyone Can Be the Echo of Hope in Their Life and Community

27:07 – Google and a Dad Joke

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