#9. Consumer Christianity Interrupted

Dr. Ron Walborn serves as the Dean of a seminary in the heart of New York City, where the goal is to prepare the hearts as well as the minds of students.

Episode Summary:

Dr. Ron Walborn serves as the Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary that recently relocated all campus activity to New York City’s downtown where students can engage an international community. He is committed to preparing servant leaders for the future, not the past. He discusses the importance of incarnational discipleship.

Scripture Related to the Episode:

Luke 9:23

Topics Discussed:

  • The attractional model and consumer Christianity in the modern church
  • Ancient Roman history and early Christendom
  • Passive versus incarnational discipleship
  • What is consumer Christianity?
  • Real life example of giving time compared to giving money
  • Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) was founded by missionaries not theologians
  • The missional movement among modern-day churches
  • Covid19 impact on “attractional” Christianity
  • Lessons from Covid19 versus going back to “normal”
  • Case study: mega church that pivoted to a house church model when churches were closed in its community
  • The most important thing, regardless of a church’s model
  • Why is it important for the ATS to be downtown in New York City?

Links Related to Episode:

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Dr. Ron Walborn, Dean of ATS

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