#97. Family on Mission to the Muslim Community

David ministers among Muslim immigrants in a major US city.


  • How Ramadan affects outreach
  • Sharing the gospel more effectively
  • Practical steps in cross-culture ministry


David and his family serve as the Strategy Coordinator and unit on the Global Gates West African Team. Though they have a specific people group focus, the vision is reaching the ends of the Earth through global gateway cities. They have served in the West African community for 10 years globally.



01:01 – Misconceptions to address when ministering among Muslims

01:07 – Not all Muslims are terrorists

01:27 – Christians can visit a mosque

02:06 – Many Muslims do want to know about Jesus

03:10 – What do you love and admire about the people you serve?

03:13 – Value relationship over schedule

03:21 – Hospitality

04:44 – Ramadan

05:27 – Fasting during daylight hours

05:52 – Help reflect on how it feels to be poor

06:02 – Focused prayer and asking for forgiveness

06:16 – Ask God to show the straight path

06:29 – Hajj – pilgrimage to Mecca

07:28 – The Night of Power

08:17 – Christian pray that God would show Jesus to Muslims

08:29 – Hope that God would reveal something during Ramadan

08:46 – Christians can invite Muslims to break fast

08:51 – Bring water or dates to a Muslim might not have broken fast at sundown

09:25 – Opportunities during Ramadan and Outreach

09:51 – Focus on having gospel conversations

10:45 – God has shown that so many organizations are focused on reaching on all the nations

11:17 – Network of organizations working together

12:22 – You may not be the one who leads someone to Christ, but you may be one of the many leading up to it

14:52 – Personal story of faith and knowing that God has him

17:28 – Ask God and God revealed in a dream

19:45 – Family on Mission

20:41 – Each member of the family does something

22:56 – Go-to Bible verses for encouragement

23:05 – Jeremiah 12 : 5

24:36 – Matthew 6 : 33-34

25:02 – Matthew 13 : 1-9

26:31 – Sharing the gospel more effectively

26:50 – Joining existing work

27:14 – Find ministries addressing needs

27:33 – If there is no existing work, pray, search the needs, and then start it

28:20 – Practical things to do to reach out

28:34 – Go to restaurants and enjoy their food

29:10 – Go to places of worship and observe

29:43 – Invite into your home


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