#60. How Can Your Church Thrive in the New Year?

Pastor Mike Rubino, Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church, saw the congregation grow from 40 people to 400 people. The fruit of revitalization was plain to see, soon after the church started down that road. Pastor Mike now works with many other congregations — offering a bird’s eye view of local congregations and a simple roadmap to a thriving body of Christians.

Pastor Mike Rubino shares that journey and practical steps that any congregation can follow in his soon to be released book, The Revitalize Roadmap.


  • 4 Simple Steps to Begin Revitalization in a Congregation in 4 Months
  • The Reasons Why Many Congregations are Shrinking
  • The Difference between Revitalization and Repackaging a Church


As the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church, Pastor Mike helps shape the overall vision and provides administrative direction and leadership for the church. Pastor Mike’s passion is communicating timeless Bible truths through culturally relevant programming. As a member of “Generation X” his desire is to help build a multi-cultural and multi-generational church that continues to grow both wide and deep.

His educational background includes a B.A. in Psychology, M.B.A. in Management, Ed.D. in Educational Administration, Leadership, and Technology, and he received his M.A. in Theology from Liberty University.

Pastor Mike Rubino is a leader who loves the local church. Over the course of 20 years, he has helped plant, re-plant, and revitalize multiple churches in the Northeast.



01:02 – Topic: How Your Church Can Thrive in the New Year

02:01 – Family, the Unsung Heroes of Ministry

04:02 – What is the ‘Thrive’ Program and How Does it Work?

04:34 – Thriving and Teaching Others to Thrive

05:00 – Surviving with 40 People to Thriving with 400 People

06:10 – Helping Other Churches to Revitalize and Thrive

06:50 – 85-95% of Churches were not Thriving to now 25% Endanger of Closing Soon

08:09 – Where Does Revitalization Begin: Theological, Practical and Manageable Steps

09:57 – THRIVE: One Step From Surviving to Thriving

10:18 – 1. Pastoral Health — Spiritual, Emotional, Relational and Intellectual Assessment

11:08 – Pastor’s Get Tired Too

12:59 – 2. Assessing Church Health

13:39 – The Changed Post-Pandemic Church

14:15 – 3. Getting to Know the Community Again

15:14 – 4. Planning for Revitalization, One Step at a Time

15:45 – Different Churches, Different Plans — Same Purpose

16:26 – Common Attitudes that Contribute to a Church’s Decline?

17:26 – Patching Problems and Leaky Roofs

18:18 – Shooting Captives or Setting them Free

19:05 – Why is the Congregation Shrinking?

19:47 – Is Evangelism still Important?

21:11 – Thriving Churches: Unity versus Uniformity

22:46 – When to Churches Finally Get Help?

24:22 – A Message for Grandparents

25:30 – How Does Methodology Follow Successful Ministry?

26:02 – Revitalizing Ministry vs Repackaging Practices

26:33 – What Does Your Church Need to Thrive?

29:43 – Disciples that Make Disciples

32:56 – Working with Churches across Many Languages

36:04 – First Place to Look for Church Assistance

37:18 – Be Discerning!

39:34 – From Death to Resurrection

40:15 – Jonah Joke Onboard


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