#56. Most Popular of 2022: Not the Same Heaven – Exploring Sin, Forgiveness, Atonement & Paradise in the Quran

Dr. Matt Bennett unpacks sin, forgiveness and atonement – comparing the Biblical and Quranic views.

In a conversation between Muslims and Christians, the same word can communicate very different ideas.

Those unexplored differences can become obvious in how the afterlife is described. How is the Quran’s Paradise understood in comparison to the Bible’s description of Heaven?


  • 6 key questions for Christians to understand a Quranic view compared to the Biblical view, including the meanings of sin and forgiveness
  • How Quranic concepts may have impacted Arabic-speakers whether or not the community is Muslim
  • How Christians can offer better explanations and increase understanding when talking about sin and forgiveness with Muslim friends


Dr. Matthew Bennett is an Assistant Professor at Cedarville University in Missions and Theology.

Prior to joining Cedarville, he and his family lived in North Africa for 7 years. Along with ministry experience in a Muslim context, Matthew has over 17 years of experience in intercultural ministry.

Matthew is the author of three books and is anticipating the release of a new book, Hope for American Evangelicals: A Missionary Perspective on Restoring Our Broken House (2023).

His book, The Qur’an and the Christian (2022), offers clear, practical applications for people who have a heart to share the gospel with friends. His academic credentials include:

  • Ph.D. in Missiology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • M.Div. in International Church Planting, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • M.A. in Intercultural Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary




02:08 – Topic: The Quran and the Christian

03:21 – International Ministry as a Family with Young Children

06:32 – American Comforts versus the Global Mission Field

07:48 – Intercultural Studies and Church Planting

08:16 – The Road to Academia

09:45 – North Africa and Academic Research of Atonement in the Quran Compared to the Book of Hebrews

10:35 – Conversations that Inspired – The Qur’an and the Christian: An In-Depth Look into the Book of Islam for Followers of Jesus

11:53 – Concept of Language: The Same Words in the Quran that Have a Different Meaning than in the Arabic Bible

12:47 – Quranic Influence on Non-Muslim Communities

13:46 – The Concepts of Sin

14:17 – Sin and God’s Original Relationship with Humanity

15:58 – Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

16:22 – How Jesus’ Life and Crucifixion Relates

16:33 – Sin and Forgiveness When God is Near and Not Remote

17:29 – Purity and Presence of God in Day of Atonement Rituals: Cleansing and Substitutionary Sacrifices

18:22 – The Concepts of Forgiveness

21:50 – Practical Questions to Deepen Conversation

22:23 – 1. Describing Paradise?

23:17 – 2. Where is God in Paradise?

23:54 – 3. Why Did God Make Us?

24:55 – 4. What Would Need to Happen for God’s Creatures to Dwell with God?

26:34 – 5. Should a Christian Read the Quran and if so, Why and How?

27:27 – Christians, Checking Assumptions about the Quran

28:53 – 6. What is Implied if a Christian Tells a Muslim “I believe in Jesus too”?

30:47 – Contacting Matt Bennett

31:33 – Joke Time: Ha Ha Neigh Neigh


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