#53. Near Culture Missions: Africans Bringing the Gospel to Metro NYC

The Power of Proximity Series: Pastor Daouda Zongo discusses the roles of prayer, healing and deliverance in evangelism to communities in metro NYC. He highlights ministry to French-speaking West African immigrants and recommends two initial steps for a church to begin an outreach ministry.

What You’ll Learn:

  • About the role of healing and deliverance in evangelism
  • About the role of prayer in Jesus’ Name
  • The two, initial steps to begin evangelism outreach in church

About the Guest: 

Pastor Daouda serves as the Senior Pastor of Centre Chretien Eau Vive (Living Water Christian Center), a church that is affiliated with Bethel Gospel Assembly in Harlem, NYC.

This year, the church will celebrate its 13 anniversary. It is a French-speaking congregation primarily composed of African immigrants. The church sits in the heart of “Little Senegal” and is very active evangelizing throughout the NYC metro area.

Pastor Daouda has been walking with the Lord for over 25 years. He is originally from Burkina Faso and was raised in a Muslim home.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Matthew 28: 16-20; The Great Commission

John 11: 1-44; Lazarus Commanded to Rise from Grave

Links Related to Episode:

Timestamped Show Notes:

02:34 – Growing Up in a Muslim Family

04:37 – Following Jesus, Personal Testimony

05:32 – Vision of Christ

06:25 – How Do the Evangelism Teams Work?

07:38 – Reaching out to West Africans and All People

08:36 – Ministering in French

09:59 – Openness in NYC versus in Africa

10:39 – Senegal, Cote Ivoire, Togo, Benin, Niger and Mali

13:05 – Encouraging Brothers and Sisters from West Africa to Get Involved in Evangelism

13:22 – Praying in the Name of Jesus as a Bridge

15:31 – Role of Healing and Deliverance in Evangelism

16:38 – Main Goal of Evangelism

17:53 – Focusing on God or Focusing on God’s Blessing

20:09 – Evangelism as a Lifestyle

21:54 – Cultivating the Mind to Reachout with the Gospel as Commanded

23:26 – Two Steps to Start an Evangelism Outreach at Your Church

24:52 – Connecting with the Church

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