#52. Near-Culture Missions: Latinos, Muslims and the Gospel

The Power of Proximity Series: Laura, a mobilizer in South America unpacks five cultural similarities between Latinos and Middle-Easterners that can be crucial in near-culture missions.

She discusses the difference between understanding a language and understanding a culture and the responses she gets when she talks to churches about bringing the gospel to Muslims.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Five meaningful cultural similarities between Latinos and Middle-Easterners
  • About missions trends in Latin America
  • About the difference between understanding culture versus understanding language

About the Guest: 

Laura is originally from Latin America. She went to seminary in NYC where she did her research on Latinos in the Middle East. When traveling to the Middle East she was surprised by how much she felt at home. It’s the cultural similarities between Latinos and Middle Easterners that inspired her research.

Today, she serves as a mobilizer for Latin America, sharing about God’s heart for Asia and the Middle East with local churches. Laura hopes to see more Latinos engaging Middle Easterners most of whom are Muslim.

Scripture Related to Episode:

John 3: 16; God’s Love for the World

Luke 10: 2; Workers for the Harvest

Matthew 28: 16-20; The Great Commission

Links Related to Episode:

Timestamped Show Notes:

02:41 – Familiy’s Heart for Service

04:41 – Feeling at Home in the Middle-East

05:30 – Five Cultural Similarities between Latinos and Middle-Easterners

05:45 – 1. Hospitality

06:16 – 2. Extended Family

06:48 – 3. Role of Men

07:07 – 4. Religiosity

08:19 – Getting Involved in Ministry to Middle-Easterners

08:51 – God’s Heart for the Nations

09:32 – From South America to the Middle-East to NYC

11:15 – Similarities that Middle Easterners Have Noticed with Latinos

12:06 – 5. Similar Orientation to Time – Event Oriented

13:54 – Understanding Culture vs Language

16:43 – Trend: Latinos From Being a Mission Field to Becoming a Missions Force

19:42 – Response from the Pews

21:10 – Where to Start?

23:55 – How to Pray for this Ministry?

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