#50. Where Politics Fail—a Christian Response to Muslim Immigration

Matthew Kaemingk separates the Christian response from the political rhetoric, fearfulness and romanticism that can dominate the conversation about Muslim immigration in America.

With examples from around the globe, he looks at failures and successes of Christians loving their Muslim neighbors despite fundamental religious differences.

Matthew Kaemingk is the author of the book: Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Politics Fail to Support a Christian Response to Muslim Immigration
  • About Being a Guest instead of a Host
  • Why Christians Should Care about Bans on Hijabs

About the Guest: 

Dr. Matthew Kaemingk is a public theologian who explores questions facing Christians serving in politics, culture, and the marketplace. He teaches ethics and public theology at Fuller Theological Seminary where he holds the Richard John Mouw Chair of Faith and Public Life.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Luke 10: 25-29; Love Your Neighbor

Luke 22: 47-53; Christ’s Generosity in the Garden of Gethsemane

Luke 23: 39-43; Christ’s Generosity on the Cross

Links Related to Episode:

Matthew Kaemingk

Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear

Connect with Matthew Kaemingk on Twitter

Timestamped Show Notes:

01:42 – Topic: Christians Responding to Muslim Immigration from a Biblical Perspective

02:22 – A Family and Household

04:03 – Where Did Work of Muslim Immigration Start?

04:51 – Working with Refugees in Europe

06:01 – Political Responses on the Left and Right

07:51 – Higher Walls or Wider Doors

09:53 – Deep Differences at the Table

11:59 – Hospitality in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross

13:28 – Exodus, Liberation and Extending Hospitality

13:58 – Making Space for Strangers

14:59 – Failures and Successes in the Netherlands

15:52 – Being a Guest or Being a Host

17:49 – Remembering God’s Love, Loving Others and Church Renewal

18:38 – Bans on Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs

20:00 – Defending Religious Freedoms

21:00 – Pastors Protecting Mosques and Confusing Grace

24:42 – God’s Generous and Costly Hospitality

26:27 – You Will Make Mistakes

27:10 – Learning to Be a Guest

28:16 – Contacting Matthew Kaemingk

30:05 – Joke: Knock Knock

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