#47. Why Do Muslims Become Christians? Five Common Reasons

Duane Alexander Miller shares five common motivations that draw Muslims to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church’s role during this unprecedented time for Muslim ministry.

He is an Anglican pastor serving in Spain. He provides insight about shari’a law and calls from within the Muslim community for its own theological reformation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Five Reasons that Often Lead Muslims to Consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The Role of the Church in Welcoming Muslim Immigrants
  • How an Non-Western Worldview of Community Impacts New Believers from a Muslim Background

About the Guest: 

Duane Alexander Miller has had the pleasure of teaching in many places including Costa Rica, Turkey, Kenya and Tunisia. Presently, he and his family live in Spain where he is on the pastoral staff at the Anglican Cathedral of the Redeemer and an Associate Professor at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at Madrid (UEBE).

He was born in Montana (USA) and grew up in Colorado and Mexico. In San Antonio, Texas—he completed a BA in philosophy at the University of Texas at San Antonio then an MA in theology at St Mary’s University. Later, he and his wife studied Arabic in Jordan. He helped found a seminary in Israel and then they moved to Scotland for his doctoral work.

He’s very interested in the interactions of Islam, Christianity and secularism in modern contexts. Religious conversion from Islam to Christianity, contextual theology, and the shari’a’s treatment of apostates were his main areas of research for his PhD in divinity. He’s also published research on global Anglicanism and the history of the Anglican mission in the Ottoman Empire.

Duane Alexander Miller is the co-author or author of several books including, I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name and Two Stories.

Scripture Related to Episode:

John 1: 29; Behold the Lamb of God that Takes away Sin of the World

Acts 9; Paul on the Road to Damascus

2 Timothy 1: 7; Spirit of Love Power and Sound Mind

Links Related to Episode:

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Timestamped Show Notes:

03:16 – Family and Ministry Abroad

04:33 – 1st Century Churches and Islam

06:47 – Some Reasons Muslims Consider Christ

07:06 – Assurance of Salvation

07:53 – Dreams and Visions

08:02 – Miraculous Answers to Prayer

08:21 – The Promise Sharia Law in ~40 Countries

10:17 – What if Christians Were More Welcoming to Muslims?

11:37 – Witness of the Church

13:35 – Why Should Churches and Pastors Care about Muslim Ministry?

14:35 – A Good Place to Start

15:29 – Change, Immigration and Fear

16:00 – Choosing Missions Vs Supporting Moderate Muslim Leaders

17:02 – Calling to Reform Islam from Within

18:43 – The Lord is at Work!

19:24 – Contact Info

20:44 – Joke: Pilgrimage and Prayer

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