#40. Encouraging Urban Missions: Answers Every Christian Needs to Know

Seth Bouchelle breaks down the obstacles that often intimidate Christians — preventing them from sharing their faith effectively, as a missionary or in a personal setting.

As a church planter, missionary, and trainer who works with urban and diasporic churches, he also looks at the unique aspects of this ministry and how missionaries can better prepare for it.

What You’ll Learn:

  • A main reason Christians don’t share their faith in their personal circles
  • Some key distinctives of urban cross-cultural ministry
  • What missionaries need to understand in order to be effective in diasporic ministry

About the Guest: 

Seth Bouchelle has been planting churches among diaspora populations in NYC since 2014. Currently, he serves as director of Equipping for the Exponent Group. The focus of the Exponent Group is to “help organizations build healthy disciples that multiply the gospel.”

Through this role Seth works to train evangelists and advance disciple making skills within urban churches and nonprofits.

Links Related to Episode:

The Exponent Group

Timestamped Show Notes:

01:11 – Topic: Unique Challenges and Advantages of Diaspora and Urban Churches

01:12 – Next Week: Discussion about Muslim Outreach

02:13 – Learning about Ministry through the Generations

03:14 – Day to Day in the Life of Urban Missions

03:15 – Starting in Diasporic Missions

04:16 – Evolving Role in Diasporic Missions

04:17 – Two Fold Ministry

05:18 – Covid’s Impact on Starting House Churches

05:19 – Challenges Facing Churches

05:20 – Usual Response to: Why Haven’t You Done Evangelism in Your Relationships?

06:21 – Challenges Facing Diasporic Churches

07:22 – Challenging Missionaries’ Assumptions

08:23 – Relational Norms in a Diasporic Setting

09:24 – Logistics in a Diasporic Setting

09:25 – 24 Hour Ministry and Measuring Growth

11:27 – 3 Advantages of Diaspora Ministry Compared to in Country Missions

14:28 – International Similarities of Diasporic Missions

15:29 – How Can Sending Agencies Better Prepare Diasporic Missionaries

15:30 – Failures and Resilience in Missions Work

16:31 – America’s Unique Position in Diasporic Missions

18:33 – How Can Christians and Churches Support Diasporic Missions?

20:34 – Connect with Seth Bouchelle

21:35 – A Joke Joke in Cultural Context

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