#34. The Power of Social Media: Young Believers Growing Online

Naga Palepu thought he was the only Christian that had been born Hindu. Amid persecution from his family, he expressed his pain by recording a TikTok video and it went viral.

The response to the video was the catalyst for an international, virtual community known as Hidden Christians.

Here, young believers can still grow in faith and build friendships despite the threat of persecution.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why some believers from a Hindu or Muslim background may not have access to brick-and-mortar churches
  • How social media is introducing young people to Christ all over the world
  • How churches can better support new believers who have not grown up in church

About the Guest: 

Naga Palepu was born Hindu but then he found Jesus. When his family learned that he had become a Christian, they persecuted him.

But through that painful experience, he was able to minister to other young believers like himself and Hidden Christians was formed. Online, young believers are able to come together though they may live in families of a different faith – like Hindu, Muslim or atheist.

Naga’s goal is that Hidden Christians would become Courageous Christians who spread the gospel to untouched parts of the world.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Psalm 30: 11; God Turns Mourning into Joy

Ephesians 6: 1-3; Honor Your Parents

1 Samuel 17: 37; The Lord Delivered David from a Lion

Genesis 50: 20; God Turned It for Good

Links Related to Episode:

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Timestamped Show Notes:

01:12 – Topic: The Unique Needs of Muslim and Hindu Background Believers

01:49 – Naga’s Personal Testimony

02:46 – Praying to the Light

07:07 – How Hidden Christians Began

08:35 – Parents’ Reaction to Naga Becoming a Christian

10:14 – God’s Promises in the Pain

13:58 – From Viral Video to International Fellowship

15:08 – Forming the Online Community, Hidden Christians

16:10 – God Turned It for Good

16:51 – Meeting the Needs of Young Believers Online

18:22 – What About Trolls?

18:44 – What Happens After You Get Baptized?

21:33 – Why Should Christians Care about Social Media?

22:18 – Needs of New Believers

23:51 – Contact Info and Hidden Christians

24:46 – Joke: Does God Love Everyone?

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