#33. Journeying with Jesus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage through the Psalms of Ascent

Dr. Fred Farrokh breaks down the when, what, and why of Hajj, the pilgrimage of Muslims traveling to Mecca. He looks at the significance of pilgrimages in the Hebrew scriptures and in light of the New Testament.

Dr. Fred Farrokh has served as a missionary for decades and currently trains other missionaries internationally. He is a Christian from a Muslim background.

Bonus Content: 

Journey with Jesus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage through the Psalms of Ascent – Free Download

What You’ll Learn:

  • The significance of Hajj in Muslim religion
  • How pilgrimage differs for Christians compared to the commands in the Hebrew scriptures
  • Unique congregational needs of Christians brothers and sisters who come from a Muslim background

About the Guest: 

Dr. Fred Farrokh is an ordained missionary with Elim Fellowship. He is an International Trainer with Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples. Before he became a believer in college, he was raised in a Muslim family.

He has served as the Executive Director of Jesus for Muslims in the metro NYC area, its mission is to network individuals, churches and ministries that are engaged in outreach to Muslims for prayer, outreach and strengthening believers from a Muslim background.

Additionally, he has served as the Special Projects Officer with SAT-7 in Cyprus. It is a ministry that broadcasts throughout the Middle East and North Africa to “encourage and strengthen often-isolated Christians in their faith and provide a fresh perspective of faith for those asking questions about Jesus.”

In 2014, Fred received his PhD in Intercultural Studies through Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with his dissertation on Muslim Identity. He is the author of Journey with Jesus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage through the Psalms of Ascent and Prepare for Persecution: Lessons from Acts.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Psalm 120-134; Psalms of Ascent

Links Related to Episode:

Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples

Journey with Jesus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage through the Psalms of Ascent – Physical Copies

Resources in French

Resources in Spanish

Resources in Arabic

Timestamped Show Notes:

01:07 – Topic: the Spiritual Pilgrimage from Islam to Christ

03:08 – Family Background and Kids in Ministry

05:18 – Fred’s Spiritual Journey to Christ and Becoming Missionary

06:11 – God Talks Personally to People

06:25 – Jesus Is Not Like the Other Prophets

08:10 – What is Hajj?

09:03 – Salvation by Works

09:51 – Explaining the Arabic Calendar

11:57 – Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

12:48 – What’s so Special about the Psalms of Ascent?

13:36 – Today’s Spiritual Pilgrimage

15:47 – Living in the Tents of War as a Person of Peace

16:56 – Inspiration from the Psalms

17:20 – Unique Needs of Muslim Background Believers

19:53 – Encouraging MBBs

21:29 – Global Trends and Encouragement from International Missions

21:50 – Church Growth in Muslim Majority Countries

22:12 – Iran and Church Growth

22:35 – Theocracy, Disillusionment, Former Terrorist and Faith in Christ

23:20 – Outreach, Preaching, Friendship Evangelism and Hospitality

24:20 – Prayer for the Muslim World and for Believers from a Muslim Background

26:11 – Free PDF Download of Book in English, Arabic, Spanish and French

26:42 – Fred’s Contact Info

26:58 – Cross Cultural Ministry and a Joke That Makes You Go Hmmm

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