#25. Leadership Development, Mentoring, and Service – Pioneering in Areas of Need

Chris Coppernoll shares about leadership development and leaning into the needs of others. He gleans from personal experience, life on campus, in church, the marketplace and ministry abroad.

He breaks down the role of mentorship in effective leadership development.

Chris talks about ministry in Pakistan, working in the Christian music industry and a scriptural response to America’s racial conflicts.

Bonus Content: 

HOW TO FORGIVE RACIAL VIOLENCE | Going Forward When You Can’t Go Back

What You’ll Learn:

  • Ways to support leadership growth within a church
  • About modern-day peonage, debt bondage in Pakistan
  • One Christian Response to America’s Lingering of Racial Strife

About the Guest: 

Dr. Chris Coppernoll has explored leadership development in varied contexts. At the time of this recording, he serves as the Associate Director of Community Formation at Asbury Theological Seminary.

He has planted a multi-ethnic church near Albany, New York. And, he has encouraged students in India and on campuses in America. Chris has preached or taught in several countries in Asia and across Africa. Prior to planting a church, he cofounded a company, working in Nashville’s Christian music industry—the Soul2Soul Radio Network. For twenty-five years, the interviews with Gospel and Christian music luminaries aired weekly. The company recently closed; during its tenure it included 600 radio markets, 40 countries and 1500 interviews.

Chris has authored or co-authored six books and his seventh book is pending, Belonging: God’s Call to Unity in a Diverse Church. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Truett Seminary at Baylor University and is married to celebrated novelist, Christa Parrish. Together, they have four children.

Scripture Related to Episode:

1 Corinthians 12 :26; If One Part of the Body Suffers, We All Suffer

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Show Notes:

01:14 – Adventures in Ministry, Mentorship, Church Planting and the Music Industry

05:20 – Belonging, Healing and a Book about Racial Reconciliation

07:17 – Who Do We Let into Our Lives?

07:49 – A Path for Racial Reconciliation in the Church

08:55 – What about Oneness in Christ?

09:18 – Pastors and Conversations about Racial Reconciliation

10:21 – Abolitionist Movement and the Western Church

12:01 – A Forgotten National Ideal in America

13:16 – Exegesis and Civil Rights

14:02 – When One Part of the Body Suffers

15:53 – Grace Unites

17:02 – Starting the Learn to Lead Project

20:40 – Research on Leadership and Mentoring

25: 04 – Proof for Effective Leadership Development

27:27 – Immediate Impact of Leadership Class

28:19 – Jesus’ Mentorship of His Disciples

28:48 – Paul’s Mentorship of Timothy

29:27 – Working in the Music Industry

32:12 – Brick Kiln, Debted Workers in Pakistan

33:24 – Subpar Wages and Increasing Debt

34:50 – Freedom from Kiln Debt

36:39 – Kid Friendly Joke

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