#23. At the Table with Muslims and Christians—Conversation without Compromise, the Al-Ma’idah Initiative

James Rayment unpacks what it means to have conversation without compromise and build relationships despite fundamental disagreements.

Through the Al-Ma’idah Initiative, Muslims and Christians are able to engage, cultivate mutual respect, and build genuine friendships. The organization is unapologetically Christian. These opportunities to dialogue stand in stark contrast to perennial accusations of cancel culture in America.

James Rayment pushes back on some common misconceptions that Protestants have about Muslims and outlines how churches can take the first steps in getting to know Muslim people in their neighborhoods.

Bonus Content: 

How Can Christians Reach Out to Muslims During Ramadan?

What You’ll Learn:

  • About the Differences and Importance of How the Bible and the Quran Describe Jesus’ Death
  • 4 Practical Tips for Churches Hosting Ramadan Dinners
  • About a Common Error that Protestant Christians Make When Talking to Muslims

About the Guest: 

James Rayment has been building relationships with Muslims in Seattle and around the world since 2012. As a result of this ministry he founded the Al-Ma’idah Initiative, a Christian nonprofit.

The organization educates and equips local Christians to engage with individuals in the city’s Muslim community. Members of the local church are better able to understand and communicate with Muslims on a range of issues. His goal is to facilitate genuine friendships without shying away from the exclusivity of Jesus’ message. The Al-Ma’idah Initiative is an unapologetically Christian organization.

God is the one who changes hearts and minds. Through the Al-Ma’idah Initiative, there’s no coercion or reason to cancel someone despite sharp disagreement — genuine friendships can and do start at the table. Christians simply represent what they believe to be true and show hospitality.

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Matthew 26-28; Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Psalm 72; God’s Vision for the Muslim World

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Show Notes:

01:38 – From England to Having a Family in Seattle

03:35 – Catalyst for Al-Ma’idah Initiative

07:09 – Who Wants to Visit Church with Us?

07:57 – Muslims’ Openness to Spiritual Conversations

09:13 – Taking People and Ideas Seriously

11:05 – So as a Christian, What Do You Believe?

11:14 – How did Jesus Escape from the Cross?

12:13 – Literally Putting the Cards on the Table

13:01 – 4 Practical Tips for Churches to Get Started

15:12 – Leading By Example

15:51 – How Hearts and Minds Change

16:17 – Before Hosting a Meal

16:34 – God Has Work to Do in the Muslims World

18:50 – A Free and Fair Arena for Ideas

19:44 – Main Error that Protestant Christians Make in Interacting with Muslim People

24:48 – A Joke for Ramadan

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