#21. Pastoring a Multi-Ethnic Church: Overcoming Language Barriers and Fighting Persecution Back Home in Myanmar

Pastor Peter Lwin grew up in Myanmar and migrated to America after grade school. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been plagued by civil wars and religious persecution for decades. Then, in 2020 there was a military coup that upended the country’s democratic elections.

Many of the young people at Calvary Burmese Church had a loose connection to their family’s culture and homeland. Both literally and figuratively, the generations didn’t speak the same language.

Pastor Peter is a Youth Pastor. He shares about the challenges in bridging that gap, the grace needed to do so and how the young people have stepped up to advocate for Myanmar.

Bonus Content: 

World Watch List: Myanmar Ranked #12 among the Most Difficult Countries to Follow Jesus

What You’ll Learn:

  • About some of Myanmar’s culture and history
  • How one ethnic church is able to reach 3rd generation youth
  • How some young people are advocating for Myanmar

About the Guest: 

Pastor Peter Lwin came to America with his mother and brother when he was eleven years old. But, he grew up in Myanmar going to church with his grandparents and cousins.

Most of his teenage years, he was in and out of church. But in his 20’s, he fully committed his life to Christ and answered God’s call to the ministry.

He is joined in ministry by his wife and two sons. For the past 10 years, he has served as the Youth Pastor at Calvary Burmese Church in Washington D.C. Recently, he has also been tapped to serve as an Associate Pastor.

Scripture Related to Episode:

John 3: 3-6; Must Be Born Again

Isaiah 58: 5-7; Helping Those In Need

First Will Be Last, the Last Will Be First; Matthew 20: 13-16

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Show Notes:

2:13 – About Myanmar

3:55 – What’s Happening in Myanmar?

8:13 – The Coup’s Impact on the Congregation

10:23 – What Can We Do during a Global Pandemic?

11:28 – Why Are We Safe, While Others Are in Danger?

12:26 – Partnering with the Myanmar Community in America

16:00 – Challenges of a Youth Pastor in an Ethnic Congregation

17:03 – Literally and Figuratively, Not Speaking the Same Language

19:21 – What Does the Immigrant Church Offer Young People?

19:48 – Role of Sunday School Teachers in an Ethnic Congregation

21:32 – Bridging the Generational Gap

27:01 – Three Myths about Youth Pastors

29:31 – Misconceptions about Ethnic Churches

30:50 – Ministering to Refugees in the Local Church

34:49 – What Christians Need to Know about Myanmar

37:45 – Ministry Challenges in Myanmar

39:54- Learning More About Helping Myanmar

40:56- The Burma Bill, 2021 and the US Legislature

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