#13 Are God and Allah the Same? A Christian Midwesterner’s Reflections on Her Journey in East Africa, in Muslim Majority Countries

Rachel Pieh Jones’ family has fled violence and her faith has been challenged while her family has been in East Africa.

Living as a foreigner and religious minority in Djibouti, the move was necessarily a journey away from the familiarity of the Midwest and the comfort of Christian community.

On this path of discovery, some of Rachel’s most closely held beliefs were questioned and re-examined.

What You’ll Learn:

  • About culture and lifestyle in Djibouti
  • How ancient Christian practices and liturgies can be powerful
  • About Islam’s impact on everyday life in Muslim majority countries

About the Guest:

Rachel Pieh Jones grew up in a Christian home and part of a Baptist church. As an adult living in Minnesota, she found another community among her neighbors. Somali women helped and embraced her after her twins were born.

With a desire to live abroad, Rachel and her husband accepted an invitation to live and work in Somaliland. It was a place that was so unfamiliar that they would have to rely on Jesus.

Within a year of moving to Somaliland, an outbreak of violence against foreigners compelled her family to leave. Soon after, they moved to neighboring Djibouti. Since 2004, they have remained in the Muslim majority country where she and her husband are raising three third culture kids.

Rachel is trained as a linguist and speaks English, Somali, and French. She is the author of several books including Pillars: How Muslim Friends Led Me Closer to Jesus.

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Scripture Related to Episode

Matthew 6:9-13; The Lord’s Prayer

Genesis 1:26-27; All Humanity Created in God’s Image

Psalm 19; God Has Not Forsaken His Creation

Show Notes:

  1. Violent Attacks against Foreigners in Somaliland
  2. Deciding to Stay in East Africa
  3. Life and Living Abroad in Djibouti
  4. Discovering Ancient Christian Practices in East Africa
  5. The Power of Liturgy
  6. Making Church History Relevant to Young People
  7. How Islam Affects Everyday Life
  8. Embodying Prayer and Worship
  9. Jesus, God, Allah and the Intent of Worship
  10. Coping with Being a Religious Minority

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