#12. Fire on Three Sides — a Palestinian Pastor Reflects on the Lord’s Faithfulness in the midst of Persecution

Pastor Hanna Massad voices a perspective seldom heard in America; he is both an evangelical Christian and someone who calls Gaza home.

Pastor Hanna shares about Jesus’ faithfulness amid three distinct sources of persecution and about the Christian Mission to Gaza.

The ministry serves Christians and Muslims in Gaza as well as those in need, Iraqi refugees and Syrian refugees in Jordan.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How and why, despite very real danger, Pastor Hanna loves those who persecute him
  • About three sources of persecution for Christians in Gaza
  • The value of America Christians and churches being fellow laborers in ministry

About the Guest:

Dr. Hanna Massad served for 12 years as the pastor of the Gaza Baptist Church — the only evangelical, Protestant church in Gaza.

Despite increasing persecution, the kidnapping and murder of his friend and him being compelled to evacuate—Pastor Hanna’s heart is still in Gaza. He founded Christian Mission to Gaza (CMG) which serves Muslims and Christian in Gaza where basic necessities, like clean water, are scarce.

In Jordan, the CMG team mainly serves Iraqi refugees. With CMG, the Iraqi families are predominately Christians who fled persecution from ISIS. They are barred from legally working in the country and have suffered greatly before arriving in Jordan. So there is a critical need for spiritual, emotional as well as physical support.

Pastor Hanna is the author of the book, Pastor from Gaza.

His education includes a Bachelor’s degree from Bethlehem Bible College, a Master of Divinity degree and a PhD in Theology; both of his advanced degrees are from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Ephesians 5:8; From Darkness to Light

John 16:33; Jesus Has Already Overcome the World

Hebrews 12:14-15; Warning Against Unforgiveness

Matthew 5:43-45; Love Your Enemies

Luke 23:34; Father Forgive Them

Genesis 1:26-27; All Humanity Created in God’s Image

Matthew 5-7; Sermon on the Mount

John 15:4-5; Need Power of Christ

John 11:24-26; Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life

Links Related to Episode:

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Show Notes:

  1. Growing Up Greek Orthodox and Pastor Hanna’s Personal Testimony
  2. Faithfulness of the Lord amid Persecution
  3. Serving Iraqi and Syrian Refugees in Jordan
  4. Purpose of Christian Mission to Gaza
  5. Short Term Mission Trips to Jordan with Christian Missions to Gaza
  6. Inspiration for the Book, Pastor from Gaza
  7. Persecution, Close to the Heart
  8. The Fire of Persecution on Three Sides in Gaza
  9. Love in Action
  10. A Christian’s Best Revenge

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