#10. So You Want to Be a Pastor in New York City?

Pastor Michael Herbert shares about the attitude, expectations and gifting that contribute to a thriving ministry for pastors and church planters in New York City.

Episode Summary:

Pastor Michael Herbert is the son of Caribbean immigrants. After becoming a follower of Jesus, he was led into serving as a pastor and in cross-cultural ministry. Today, he serves as the Pastor of the English Congregation of the Chinese Evangel Mission Church of Queens and as the Dean of the New York School of the Bible (NYSB). He shares insight about cross-cultural ministry, urban ministry and pastoring in New York City.

Scripture Related to Episode:

Ephesians 1:17-18, 2:10

Topics Discussed:

  • Opportunities for pastors in New York City (NYC)
  • Finances of most small churches in NYC
  • Pastors as entrepreneurs in small churches and church plants
  • Traits shared by fruitful bi-vocational pastors
  • Success rate of church plants in NYC
  • The unique needs of ministry in NYC
  • What’s needed for thriving ministry as a church grows and changes?

Links Related to Episode:

New York School of the Bible

Chinese Evangel Mission Church of Queens

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