#4. Global Missions from a Large Multi-Ethnic Urban Congregation in Brooklyn

Pastor Jerry discusses the church as a missionary sending agency, benefits of short-term missions, and founding an international organization that holistically serves the poor and persecuted through relief, medical care, development and training.

Pastor Jerry began his career as a computer programmer; he founded a not-for-profit and worked on Wall Street as he served at Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, a multi-ethnic congregation in the heart of downtown Brooklyn in New York City. Later, he joined the church’s staff full-time, overseeing missions.

Episode summary:

Pastor Jerry serves as an Associate Pastor at Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, a multi-ethnic congregation where he began the church’s missions ministry. He talks about the multiple facets of ministry that the Lord has cultivated in his life, the local church functioning as a sending agency for missionaries and training congregants as missionaries and near-culture missionaries.  As the founder and President, he also talks about World Compassion Fellowship that currently serves the global poor and persecuted in 12 countries.


Scripture Referenced in Episode:


Topics Discussed:

  • How the Lord moved him from a secular career to full-time ministry
  • Managing multiple facets of ministry
  • Founding a not-for-profit, World Compassion Fellowship
  • Two important benefits of short-term missions
  • Brooklyn Tabernacle Church as a sending agency for missionaries
  • Near-culture and in-culture missionaries
  • Training, mentoring and vetting missionaries
  • The role of the Holy Spirit and the church in confirming a call to missions, Acts 13
  • How World Compassion Fellowship differs from traditional missions


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