#81. Innovative Funding Options to Support Global Missions

Tim Welch — a veteran missionary — has researched some of the inventive ways missions is funded in the Majority World.

For decades, he served with SIM in Cote d’Ivoire. But, he makes a case for missionaries relying on more than once source of funding. He outlines several ways churches around the world fund missions from his recently released book, New Funding Models for Global Mission.


  • 5 reasons the Western models of funding missions don’t work in the Majority World
  • 5 innovative models that make missionary support accessible in the Majority World
  • How raising missions support impacts funding for the local church


Tim Welch (DMin, Université de l’Alliance Chrétienne d’Abidjan) served as a missionary in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire for 31 years with SIM, including 22 years as national director. Currently he serves as the SIM Ministry Point Person for Literature. Tim has written five books in French and two books in English, with a third book – this one for African children – due out later this year. Tim and his wife Janet live in Colorado. They have two children and four grandchildren.




00:37 – Topic: Tim Welch, Multiple Models for Missions Funding in the Majority World

02:16 – Family on the Mission Field

03:42 – 3 Reasons Why Missions Funding Matters

04:21 – Funding for Missionaries in Closed Countries

05:24 – Missions in NYC with Non-Traditional Funding

08:15 – Unique Funding Challenges of Majority World Missionaries

08:37 – Majority World, Terminology in Perspective

09:07 – 5 Reasons the Western Models of Funding Missions Don’t Work in the Majority World

10:11 – Cultural Appropriateness

10:25 – Reliance on Individualism

11:02 – Some of the 18 Predominant Funding Models for Missions

11:30 – 5 Alternatives for Missions Funding, Pros and Cons

11:47 – Individually Sourced Funding

12:54 – Employment Sourced Funding, Tentmaking

14:12 – Missions Agency Funding

15:29 – Congregational Funding

16:30 – Multiple Funding Sources

17:01 – Missions Funding Models from Around the World

17:17 – From Peru and Bolivia, 12 Church Model

18:34 – From India, Handful of Rice Model Supported Over 1,800 Missionaries in 2010

20:17 – From Papua New Guinea, the Designation Model

21:40 – One Way Waitresses and Cab Drivers Can Fund Missions

22:22 – From the Majority World, Revolving Savings Model

24:35 – Biblical Basis for Missions Funding

25:59 – Missions for the Local Pastors

27:49 – Who’s Supporting Majority World Missions?

28:59 – Lessons from the Modern Ethiopian Church

31:34 – Partnerships that Really Work in the Majority World

33:48 – Across National Borders – Generosity, Partnerships and Problems

42:02 – Does the Local Ministry Suffer When a Church Focuses on World Missions?

45:08 – Tim Welch, Contact Info

46:31 – Joke: a Lone Cowboy


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