#92. Celebrating Christmas with an Easter Perspective

Dr Alfonse Javed, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Metuchen, shares a Christmas message on Jesus, God’s Message of Love.

Only by celebrating Christmas with an Easter perspective do we experience how Jesus, God’s message of love is what angels said on the first Christmas, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” (Luke 2:14, ESV).


  • The link between Christmas and Easter
  • Jesus is God, King, and Lord
  • Jesus is God’s message of love


Dr. Alfonse Javed, the Senior Pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Metuchen, has planted a church abroad, has been a missions pastor and has served as a missionary in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan — the son of a pastor — Pastor Javed began serving in church at a young age. He has served as a missionary in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. He has also planted a church in Greece. In the 1990s, a providential relationship formed when Calvary Baptist Church started supporting his ministry efforts; he would later serve as the missions pastor of that congregation. Eventually, in 2009, he moved to New York with a new vision — mobilizing churches to engage Muslims in the NYC metro area.

Dr. Javed’s advanced theological training is from the Greek Bible College, Davis College and Liberty University. He has earned three undergraduate, three graduate, and three doctoral degrees. His dissertations have explored various subjects from religious influence on the American school system to evangelism and church planting, to Islamic madrases and the treatment that Muslims students have received in the post 9/11 New York City school system. He maintains a blog, www.alfonsejaved.com, and is the author of The Muslim Next Door: A Practical Guide for Evangelism and Discipleship. Dr. Javed and his wife, Sarah, have four children.




00:33 – Should we celebrate Christmas and Easter?

00:59 – Christmas and Easter tells the complete story

02:06 – Jesus as the Lion of Judah and the Slaughtered Lamb

02:46 – We experience Jesus, God’s message of love when we celebrate Christmas with an Easter perspective

03:35 – worshiping the Creator God the Father and the Redeemer God the Son

04:51 – The Magi brought the message of Easter on Christmas

07:22 – Jesus is the Redeemer God

09:30 – Jesus is the Royal King

11:31 – Jesus is the Rightful Lord

13:43 – Are you looking for peace, love, healing, and restoration?

14:48 – Jesus is God, King, and Lord


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