#83. Supporting Our Missionaries Well

David Thomae, the director of Mission to the World’s Member Care Department shares on supporting our missionaries well.


  • Proactive ways to support missionaries
  • Missionary needs in different contexts
  • Building relationships of care


David and Jan Thomae work with Mission to the World’s Member Care Department, supporting and encouraging MTW’s efforts to care well for every missionary.

David and Jan joined Mission to the World in 1988 and have experience ranging from rural Africa to urban Europe, including more than 10 years of leading member care for MTW’s Muslim-focused ministries. David’s appointment as director fulfills MTW’s longtime goal of having a missionary leading our care efforts.



02:59 – member care for missionaries

03:22 – working with unreached people group

03:27 – reaching people in health centers

03:31 – working at community level

03:54 – Nigeria

04:56 – working with Pakistani and Iranian Muslims in London

05:30 – interested in talking about religion

06:55 – member care helps people grow ministry

08:15 – multi-faceted care

08:32 – understanding the necessity of care

08:47 – equip and train for self-care

08:55 – encourage sending church to care well

09:21 – offer conferences, counseling

09:46 – network of care

10:09 – care in different contexts

11:31 – building relationships of care

12:04 – missionary agencies without a care initiative

12:13 – proactive care

12:52 – local congregations to provide care

13:28 – sending church to provide care

14:48 – easier to talk to a Muslim than a secular person in England

15:58 – specific care for missionaries in Muslim-focused ministry

17:36 – Presbyterian (PCA) missions organization viewpoint

19:26 – how can sending church care for missionaries

19:38 – pastoral visit to missionary

20:10 – generous financial support

20:17 – extra assistance during transitions

21:10 – take interest in missionary visits to the church

22:14 – challenges that missionaries face

23:42 – no guilt in self care

24:56 – sources for care

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