#19. A Palestinian Sniper Turned Peacemaker; Tass Saada Discovers Christ’s Love for Muslims, Jews and Christians

Taas Saada was born in Gaza to a Muslim family. While working in America, a simple ‘thank you’ from a customer touched the heart of this man who was trained as a Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) sniper.

The customer would become a friend and eventually share the gospel with Tass, years later. Pressed on all sides, he had been an enemy of Christians and Jews. Then as a follower of Jesus Christ, he was no longer welcomed in Mosques and his family tried to kill him.

But, the Prince of Peace had other plans for Tass Saada.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How a common courtesy opened the door for a long-lasting friendship
  • What is the hope for Ishmael?
  • Where the Church should look, as Islam grows in America and throughout the world?

About the Guest: 

Tass Saada was born in Gaza after his family had fled Joppa during the 1948 war. Shortly after his birth, his family moved; he was reared in Saudi Arabia and Quatar. In the late 1960’s, at 17, he left home, joined Fatah and became a PLO sniper under Yasser Arafat.

While still a young man he moved to America to become a student. In Missouri, he met and married his wife Karen, an American girl.

In 1993, Tass had a powerful conversion experience and became a Christian. Soon after, his wife also began to follow Christ.

With his wife Karen, he founded Seeds of Hope and Hope for Ishmael. Seeds of Hope is a humanitarian organization in Jericho and Jerusalem. Hope for Ishmael disciples believers from a Muslim background and trains the Western church to reach out to Muslims.

Tass Saada is the author of two books, he is a sought after speaker and his story has been featured in numerous media outlets around the world.

Scripture Related to Episode:

John 1: 1; Jesus is the Word of God

Matthew 5: 9; Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Matthew 5: 43; Love Your Enemy

John 14: 6; I Am the Way the Truth and the Light

Genesis 16, 17, 21; Root of Conflict between Muslims and Jews

Isaiah 9: 6-7; Promise of the Messiah, Prince of Peace

Philippians 4: 7; The Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Romans 12: 20; Love Your Enemy

Links Related to Episode:

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Tass Saada, Author

Show Notes:

00:54 – Family Life

03:55 – A ‘Thank You’ Touched His Heart

05:39 – Becoming a Peacemaker

06:25 – Loving Jesus and Hating Christians and Jews

08:45 – Who Does Jesus Love?

09:38 – What Is the Hope for Ishmael?

14:06 – Wake Up Call for the Church

18:21 – Lead with Love in the USA and Europe

21:14 – What Should the Church Do Today?

24:40 – Political Islam v. Religious Islam v. Muslim People

29:11 – Visions of Jesus Preparing the Way

30:08 – Waiting on the Lord and Training Leaders

32:02 – Loving an Enemy with Unexpected Results

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